My process

LinoCutI love seeing behind the scenes, and understanding how a designer works. In this space, I’d like to share some of my design process with you. (I also share the pretty and not-so-pretty parts of designing and making on my Instagram).

In studying textile design, we learnt both hand-done and computer/CAD techniques. Last year, I started thinking about the contrast between the two, and the way in which hand techniques mean no two items are actually, precisely the same.

I was thinking about this as I rushed through Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building, and noticed that each side of the windows was slightly different, even though the overall effect of the windows is┬ásymmetrical and balanced.

Linocuts allow me to incorporate this idea in my work. I print the same block multiple times (and rather casually, to be honest) and then use each of the slightly different prints across my work (cleaned up in CAD when needed, of course!) Note, not all of the lino cuts I do make into the final fabric design…

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