What is Ettie and Marion?


Ettie and Marion is a brand designed by me, Ginevra. Welcome to my new blog home!

I’m a graduate year Textile Design student at the Fashion Design Studio (Ultimo, previously East Sydney, TAFE).

We’re encouraged to think about the type of business we will launch on graduation. Because I have heard so much about the idea of a “brand DNA” in the fashion industry, I felt the needed to define my own DNA/brand concept.

I don’t know what you see when you look at my mood board, but I see much of my childhood: being taken by my mum and aunt to Suomi store, which sold Scandinavian products. Sitting on the floor with my cousin, playing with Marimekko fabric swatches. And visiting a store that was very influenced by the Japanese Mingei movement. And favourite books on my shelves, and on my parent’s shelves…

These are images that are now part of me, and they’re the basis of my design style. Whenever I work on a collection of quilting/craft or fashion fabrics, I return to these references and fall in love with them again.


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